Saturday, 19 March 2016

Kitchen Re-furbishment...

Yesterday was a better day than the day before. I had gotten over the outburst from Thursday. phew! that was a bad day for me. 
I shopped early this morning. Shopping is far too much for me lately, even though grandson helps with most of it, the fetching and carrying.  
A couple of the staff at Morrisons asked how Sheila was. I didn't say too much, only she's got to go to the hospital next week, other than that, I don't know any more. which is true anyway! Her GP referred her to the hospital.
I bought a new DVD 'The Martian' staring Mat Damon. Looking forward to seeing this film. I have been meaning to buy this DVD for sometime.
I paid my rent today, 3 days too late...tut! and put some electric on my electric key at the same time. 
Not sure what I'm doing today. I don't feel like cooking much. 
Oh yeah! I'm loving my new cooker. I'm cleaning the oven out every time it is used
I had to wait until after the council/contractors had finished re-furbishing my kitchen. The kitchen looks good for the size of it, and so does my cooker, it looks really posh.  I'm still trying to get used to where everything is now as how everything has been designed, I haven't got half as much room to work plus, I haven't got any room for my Microwave. This will have to be sussed out as to where it can go.

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