Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Worst For Wear! and Appointments

Not much has happened since I last posted. I had the weekend to myself doing what I wanted to do in my own time without any distractions.

? is still ill and looking worse for wear and seems to be getting worse each time I see him health wise I mean. Something has got to give soon. He has finished his antibiotics and is still badly ill coughing and choking ect...He should go back to see his Dr.

I made another copy of the Christmas DVD because, I had given mine to my daughter 'SH' when she came by last week.

I watched mine this evening and had a few laughs at the things 'SH', 'Z' and 'Shan' was doing. 'SH'and 'Z' are flippin' crazy, they do make me laugh...lol. The pic on the right is one from last Christmas 2014 which I played about with. I think it looks good.

? has got an emergency appointment for the pain management clinic at Queens today because he is getting terrible pains in his head and body too. G/son 'ST' is going with him to the hospital. The pain '?' is getting is on the L/side of his head where he has got a mass on the brain...He is in such a mess!
On the 2nd February ? has got an Ultra Sound appointment on his abdomen because he his stomach has swollen tremendously and he is getting great pain there too. I hope it won't be more bad news for him.
He has got so many things wrong with him and it is hard to keep up with all his ailments. 

Later, my G/daughter 'J' will be coming here after school today, then later still, her mum will be picking her and 'ST' up and take them both home with her.

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