Thursday, 19 February 2015

Woo Hoo! Special Coming Event coming Up...

Do Ya know what, I'm really looking forward to special eventful day in the spring, in fact I'm getting a bit excited and can't wait to go and choose my outfit for this coming event.
My daughter rang yesterday late afternoon and was disusing the events of the day and all that leads up to it. This has really got me on my toes to start preparations for myself and other concerned...My goodness, I feel on top of the world with excitement right now.

I am trying to lose some weight, about 1 stone in 10 weeks. the trouble is, will I be able to do it?? I really do hope so. I feel in the right frame of mind right now and got a couple of things worked out. I have started with a few light exercises nothing strenuous and hopefully I will be able to keep them up although I am finding it hard to do.
I have tried before this but, gave up as I wasn't feeling too good in myself plus my left knee, leg and foot has been giving me jip lately since I had my fall in December. My knee and leg are still a bit swollen and sore.
I'm hoping I will be able to walk in shoes properly for the special day. Not sure what type of shoes to wear on the day because I have been wearing flat shoes with touch close on them. I will have to get a pair of low or kitten type heel, I think!
I will buy my outfit first, then shoes and handbag. Should I wear a hat or a fascinater? or none at all?
I'm going to have highlights put in my hair the week before and on the day I will have my hair set and nails done. I will to book all this today...Oh yes, I am getting really excited about all this.
Plus, I've got to hire men's suits for the day too.


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