Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nothing Much Going On Lately...

Nothing much has been happening here lately, just everyday stuff with some reflections of my life...

I had a couple of Trojans on my laptop and got rid of them yesterday. My screen kept going blue screen and was playing up terrible. I don't know how this happened I hadn't used my laptop since early Friday morning and it was ok then. 
My G/son used the laptop after that. And, when I went to use it on Monday. It seems to be ok now....hopefully!!!

I ran out of my Ventolin Inhaler and haven't hardly done anything in-case I started my breathing off badly. I ordered my Ventolin Inhalers last week along with other medications which arrived on Thursday but, I didn't receive them and had to order again last Friday and they were delivered this morning.
I hate it when that happens, I like to have some medications in stock in-case I have a bad day and have to use my inhalers a bit more than usual.

I've got my appointment with the nurse tomorrow. She wants to see me about my diabetes...phew! she will give me a right ear-bashing. I took the morning reading yesterday and it was really bad 11.06 its usually around 5 - 6 or 7  mind you I did have a stew with dumplings the day before. I forgot to take the reading again this morning.
I don't know why but, I keep forgetting my other medications too even though they are in day and night boxes to make it more easier for me. 
Saturday was a bad day for me. My upper spine, neck, right shoulder and arm was hurting really bad and I had a pounding, throbbing headache.
Not only that, I had a fall 23rd of December and hurt my left knee, leg and foot. It was swollen, black and blue. It has taken ages to go down but, my knee and leg still hurts. My knee has a small lump in it and is tender to the touch. I will show the nurse this tomorrow when I see her because I can't get an appointment to see my GP. 

My G/son 'Steven is staying at his mums all this week so, I won't be seeing him at all.
My G/daughter Jade (Stevens sister) has been coming round after school for a few weeks now as her dad has gone away for a few weeks and is now staying with her mum.
It has been nice to see Jade over the few weeks she has been coming round.
Saying that, it reminds me I  haven't seen my G/daughter Zoe for some time now!??

? has good and bad days but, more bad days than good. ? is having up and down moments most of the time and the mass on the left side of his brain seems to be giving him a lot of pain.
He was told there is no blood getting through to his brain (he had a  CAT Scan last year) ? has been suffering with this for a couple of years now since he had his Heart Attack March 2013. 

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