Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Easter...

I should have made a note of what has been happening around me because, I'm finding it hard to remember what has been going on here. Not that much has been much going on here.

G/son Steven is staying at his mums for a while with his sister Jade my G/daughter.

My daughter Sheila came by yesterday for a little while. She has had her photo taken with some of the staff for the Dagenham Post, local Newspaper. This was because Morrisons cafes have won the best cafes out of all the stores like Tescos ect...Sheila is going to get a very large copy of the photo so she can have it hung on the wall of the cafe she is manager of. She is so pleased about this and, so she should be too.

Later, my G/daughter Zoe rang me. We had a lovely chat and she said her and Shannen will be round on Saturday around 11. am. It will be so nice to have them here and I'm looking forward to their visit.

? isn't well at all. He did say, he don't think he will be going to Sheila and John's Wedding because he feels too ill which is understandable. 
Even I thought he wouldn't be able to make it there too. He would be in so much pain, coughing and choking, it would be all too much for him. Plus, he didn't want to show Sheila or himself up.

Today, I'm going to cook roast beef for dinner because I will be on my own tomorrow. I normally do a roast on Friday. 
I'm dreading the after effects of cooking because, I get so fatigued. You might say, why cook then!? I love cooking but, these days, I just can't manage doing too much. Got to go and start preparing now. Oh dear! dreading the after effects...fatigue.

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