Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Changed...again! and ATM machine...Christmas.

I can't believe it. I've just had to change my blog details once again. Maybe, its because I haven't been signing in lately. Still never mind, I suppose it had to be changed at some point.

Another thing happened this morning I had trouble signing in with my credit card at the ATM machine and the machine swallowed up my card and will never be seen again. All is not lost though, because I phoned the bank early and they have cancelled my card and they are sending me a new card out.
The lady on the phone this morning explained to me that I had put the wrong pin no: in 3 times in a month and that was the reason given me why my card was swallowed up by the machine even though I put the right pin no: in. I just couldn't understand at the time why the machine took my card!? it really baffled the time before it was all explained.

All this at the ATM machine this morning has made me feel unsettled in myself and anxious.  
Anyway, I am glad I didn't put all my eggs in one basket so to speak and was able to retrieve some money for shopping with another card.

Christmas isn't far off, about 3 weeks away I think!? 
I will be spending Christmas Day with my daughter Sheila and her new husband John, my granddaughter Zoe and my newly required granddaughter Shannon. I spent last Christmas with them all and the Christmas before that too And, before my new required in-laws family came along, I spent Christmas Day with my daughter and G/daughter Zoe.
I will be giving out money for Christmas presents again this year because I think its better for people to buy their own presents because they know exactly what they want.

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