Friday, 23 June 2017

My Zoe's 18th Birthday...Alton Towers...Job Center

It's been a little while since I last posted here
My Granddaughter Zoes Birthday coming up 14th June. She will be 18 years old. Zoe has always been special to me because she was born on my Dads Birthday.
My daughter, Zoe's mum Sheila is taking here to Alton Towers and staying over for a couple of day your birthday present, just Sheila and Zoe are going.

We have been so worried about Zoe because she had been living else where and we hadn't heard from her for quite a while. I have been in contact with her via messenger here and there, but I still worried about her. I am glad, more content to know  Zoe is safe and back within the fold of our family.
Zoe has settled down a lot now since she has been back. Zoe came to me early hours Good Friday morning 6:45am 14th April this year with all her belongings in a large case. I won't go into details as it is long and private. But I will say this, I am glad she had sense enough to come here to me.

It is now 16th June... 
Our Zo is now 18 years old. Sheila took Zoe on her trip to Alton Towers and they both had a wonderful time. They Left Tuesday 13th June and came home on 15th June. I just hope Zoe don't change her attitude towards things and she conducts her life  in a reasonable manner now she is 18.

It is now 23rd June...
Zoe has gone to the Job Center this morning to sign on, or find work if possible. Her friend Katy has gone with her.

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