Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hidden Runnerway!??

I was reading a post on Facebook today that made me think of  a certain time in my life. 
It was serious really, but I thought it was funny too and looking back even funnier...lol.

Well...Hubby was out all hours of the night with his brother H and friends, it must have been around 3-4am and I was stuck in-doors with our 2 children Sheila and Alan and I was reeling inside, this was sometime in the 1970's. It was like this quite a lot in those days and I had a jealous streak in me in those days too, and all sorts were going through my mind.

I phoned hubby and said good by, I'm leaving you now and you can have the kids and said goodbye...Of course in reality I couldn't do that, I couldn't leave my kids on their own, so what I did was I hid in the wardrobe.
When hubby came back with his brother H, not long after I had phoned his friends house. There was no sign of me when they came in.
I could hear them both talking about me, where I could be ect...and looking all over the house in the garden, in the shed. How I muffled my laughter I don't know. Hubby even opened the wardrobe door where I was hiding. I held my breath, my heart was beating ten to the dozen. I was hidden among clothing in the single wardrobe. He didn't find me. I heard hubby say terrible things...lol, and that he will kill me for leaving the kids on their own...hehe, lol!
Hubby told his brother Harry to stay home in-case I came back, then he left to look for me anywhere and everywhere, in the park, around the lake in the park close by.
He returned and his manner<< is that the right word!? had changed. He was clearly worried about me and upset and really thought I had left him and the kids. 
I stayed where I was for the time being in the wardrobe. Hubby went out again to look for me, and again. I had his attention at last. I think it must have been about 5-10 minutes before I ventured out of the wardrobe to face the music after hubby had gone out the last time to look for me.
I slowly walked down the stairs. I knew H was in the lounge. He heard my footsteps on the stairs and when I saw him his face was a picture, he looked scared...lol. I couldn't help it, I was in stitches of laughter and H said, hubby will be wild with me when he sees me and I said, yeah I know, but at that time I didn't care.
Anyway, hubby returned and was glad to see me. He looked like he had been crying. I had clearly shook him up. Of course he did try to have a go at me, but I wasn't having any of it and he was much nicer to me for a while after that night. 
There were other times that followed I can reflect on when hubby tried to control me yet again and I stuck up for myself again. That's other story for another time...😜

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