Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Greyhound For Sale

I don't know if anyone will read this. () wants to sell his Greyhound Joes A Star because of his health being so bad as I have mentioned before many times so, anyone who knows me on blogger or Facebook, knows I am speaking the truth. The photo above was taken when the dog won an open race at Romford Greyhound Stadium 4th April 2014. He has won a few other races too, the last one was last Saturday 6th September.
I have put this sale notice on Greyhounds For Sale page on Facebook and thought I would add it here too. So if anyone is interested 

Greyhound For Sale:  

'Joe's A Star'   Black & White Dog. Feb 12
Top Grade over 575 metres and 400 metres at Romford.

Won open race over 575 metres

He is sound and genuine
£2.250   O.N.O.

Selling because of owners ill health.
Contact owner by phone


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