Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Diabetic Nurse and Diet

I feel ashamed of myself, because Yesterday I went for my diabetes check-up and as I expected my blood test for diabetes was sky high. 
I had already taken my reading yesterday morning before I went to the clinic and it was sky high then 20.7 It didn't really hit me until the nurse told me how high it was why is it I/we have to wait until someone else tells us aye??? 
This is a new nurse I saw and came to like her a lot because she is like a Sergeant major, I can see I'm going to get along with her just fine because of her strictness.
The other nurses I had seen didn't really bother as much as this new one. When I asked other nurses anything, I didn't seem to get any answers back. Now the new nurse Susan, I feel has given me back a bit of confidence again.
It appears that I haven't been taking the right amount of my tablets Metformin so, today I have rectified that and last night and today and I'm now taking the right amount 2 tablets in the morning and 1 at night.
I was offered to go to Weight Watchers but, I said no to that and was also offered to go to the Gym and said no to that too, because I don't like being with a lot of people and the Gym I know I wouldn't be able to go on the exercise machines as they are too much for me to handle. I had been to a Gym quite a few years back now I think it must have been in the early 1980's and I couldn't manage the machines then.
I would like to go along to DIABETES UK meeting in March but, I won't be able to go there either because the meetings are in the evening 8.00 pm to 9.45 pm and I won't have anyone to take me at those times. If it was during the day then I would be able to go.

I started my diet yesterday too. The 5-2 diet. Which is a fasting diet. 2 days of fasting and 5 days of eating normal within reason of course yesterday, I had porridge for breakfast and drank mostly water throughout the day. Lunch time I had an apple and for my dinner at around 5.pm I had a portion on cod fillet, 1 potato mashed with a little milk and 3 florets of broccoli. I had only 3 cups of tea throughout the day.
And today will be much the same as yesterday's diet.

I am glad I went along to see the nurse because she has really given my spirits a lift. I told the nurse about what is going on in my life and when I lost a lot of weight previously and how I felt when ? had his Heart Attack and that I started to comfort eat from then and have been since then.
The nurse said I think we should start again with the diabetes medications and some instructions of when to take my medications the weeks before I go to see her in 2 months time and have a blood test a couple of weeks before too.

Do ya know what?? today I feel like a new person and I don't feel confused, upset or angry  I hope this nice feeling last's.
I'm ok on my own but it seems when ? says or asks me to do things and he wants them done now and I'm in the middle of doing something myself I get all flustered  and up-tight because he won't wait and I tell him he's got to wait because I'm doing something then he gets to start shouting at me to do this or that...domineeringly.  
The trouble is, I can't keep my mouth shut for long and I have to retaliate because I'm not going to let ? or anyone rule me. why should I? I'm my own person.

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