Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Just as well I got up at 5.30 am because ? rang to say he was coming round, he has had a bad night of coughing and choking and has been up all night without any sleep again. He hasn't had much sleep at all lately because of the coughing and choking and breathlessness.
I love this photo of ? taken 1974.

Yesterday ? went to see the nurse and after to his GP. ? had some tests done for his breathing (C.O.P.D. and Emphysema) and heart. His breathing was down under half measure he had to blow into a machine hard , that looked like a lung machine, well, that's how ? described it and his ECG test wasn't good either, his blood pressure was sky high. 
And, another nurse pressed his lungs so ? could bring up a lot of fluid and gunge.
? said he didn't know he had so much stuff left inside him and the fluid/gunge soon built up again.
The nurse said he should be in hospital so they can make him more comfortable but, ? has refused that.
The nurse told him he wouldn't be able to on much longer without help because, the fluid is building up so quickly and he is suffering unnecessary and still ? is in denial. That's what I think it is ...denial. Because he seems to try to go on as normal and he tries hard to do so too.
? said he will get help when he can't manage and would call an Ambulance and the nurse told him he wouldn't be able too, he could pass out when there is no-one around to help him and he would die. 
? is having episodes of near passing out  here and there. I don't think he has told the nurse or GP about this.
The GP told him exactly the same and was going to get him into hospital straight from the surgery and ? said no to that too.
Why is it men are so pig headed with pride? It really baffles me!! Its not a bad thing for a man to get help for their health when it is badly needed...MEN!!!

I have written this because it is fresh in my mind and that it is on record here on this blog so I can see ? progress from this entry until the next and, so on.

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