Friday, 4 September 2015

Yesterday, after I had cooked dinner I felt so tired and fatigued. In the afternoon I went to bad for a while and listened to some classical music playing softly. I drifted off here and there and still felt so tired late afternoon and evening. I went back to bed around 8.30pm and watched some TV then, settled down to sleep around The night seemed so long as I kept waking up and felt irritable.
Today, I'm not feeling too well in myself. I don't know if I have got another chest infection or what but, I keep getting this chest pain in the middle of my chest and wonder if it isn't anything more serious like pleurisy or something. I keep going hot and cold and feeling unwell.

I keep getting phone calls and no-one answers at the other end, on my land-line and mobile phone too. I get the feeling it might be "A" even though he is in prison. It would be nice to hear his voice again. I often think of him but I keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.

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