Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Day...An Eventful Day!

Well, what can I say!? Hmm! Christmas Day was ok, except for a couple of quirk's. My daughter Sheila was drunk as usual a few unwanted, vicious words came tumbling out of her mouth aimed at Steven. I tried to stop her but the words just came tumbling out of her mouth before I could do anything. Poor Steven he must have felt so bad...I know he felt bad because she is always having digs at him and Christmas Day was no different! The photo above left to right is of Zoe, John, Sheila and Shannen which as taken a couple of years back.

Later, after Steven and his mum Lyndsey had left. Again, this photo on the left was taken a couple of years back too which is of my grandson Steven, my granddaughter Jade with Lyndsey their mum in the middle.  
Sheila's friends Ashleigh and Mark turned up as Lyndsey and Steven left  Again, Sheila was just near the mark with her choice of words there too and, I said, I'm sorry about my daughter, she is her fathers daughter, two of a kind...pigs! As soon as I spoke these words, Sheila choked on her And, Ashleigh replied, Its ok I know what Sheila's like when shes drunk. 
Ashleigh and Sheila have been friends since college days, and they had shared a flat together too.
My granddaughter and Shannen, my acquired granddaughter cooked Christmas dinner. Dinner was done early but visitors, Lyndsey, then Ashleigh and Mark turned up as Lyndsey and Steven was leaving about 1pm...ish! and we had our dinner late, about 3pm when Ashleigh and Mark left.
Sheila went to bed as soon as she had her dinner, John fell asleep in the armchair while Zoe, Shannen and myself watched TV and chatted.
Later, Sheila and John took me home in Taxi at 8.30pm because I wanted to get home in time to watch Downton Abbey. I just got myself settled and my program came on.,

All in all, it was an eventful day. I think Christmastime anything can be expected to happen, anything can go right or wrong on the day. It's Christmas, so, so what if things don't go as they are expected to!

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