Friday, 28 July 2017

Music Too My Ears...

I wasn't interested with programs on TV last night, so I watched Cliff Richard 75th birthday DVD which Sheila bought me for Christmas 2015 and sang along with the songs and I felt really good in myself.
Zoe came in around 9:30pm and came into my bedroom and danced around the, She's funny and she  started singing along to the songs too, then she went to her own room. 
I always have my music up a little too loud, more than a little I think!?
Steven came in my bedroom around 11:pm...ish! to remind me how late it was and should turn the music down. I felt like a little girl being told off...haha! Of course he was right to tell me as I do get carried away when listening to music and more often than not, I do have the volume up a tad too loud and get lost in the moment and don't think of others around me, I tend to wipe out everyone and live in a world of my own. I put on my headphones to listen to the rest of my

I've just downloaded some photos to my mp3 player so I can look at them anytime. They are all on my mp3 but, I'm having difficulty putting them in the picture folder, I don't know why, but I will persevere with it and will get there in the end. I am able to put all the music in the music folder, so I should be able to put the photos in the picture folder.
I've just recharged my mp3 player and ear-phones as I haven't used them much lately and have been listening to music on my phone.

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