Saturday, 29 July 2017

Psoriasis, Hair restyled, Weight, Depression

Yesterday and for a few days now I've had trouble dealing with ? anxiety about his face being red and blotchy. I think its psoriasis and its come out on his face. He has suffered with this for many years, but only has affected his face a few times previous. The GP gave him some cream, but it seems to make his face more redder, burning hot and sore and he is in a bad anxiety state and self conscious of it all. That's without him causing unpleasantness for all around him and is blaming everyone else around him for what ever and mostly aimed at me., because of the weight he has put on too. I tell him I don't want to cook or don't feel up to cooking and ? causes a big argument and I still end up cooking even though I know its going to affect me bad and makes me tired and fatigued, then I get the blame for cooking!!?? I can't win either way.

I'm having my hair restyled this coming week for my holiday which is a few weeks away now. Really looking forward to the holiday, just to get away from home for a while. I do hope the weather will be ok though.
I've found a few places to go and things to do, whether they will be followed through or not is another thing.

I'm not doing well with my diet, well its non existent really. I've really let myself go over the last couple of months and undone all the good I had achieved, I've gained back about 8.lbs and no exercises either and I am really annoyed with myself for allowing myself to do so, what do I expect if I don't work at it aye!? I am also feeling depressed too. All the negativity around me don't help me none either. I need to get rid of this depression and lighten up more...

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